Lena Paul
(B.Sc. Nutrition Management & Dietetics)

Field of study:

Nutrition, Healthy nutrition


Bachelor of Science at the University of Hohenheim


B.Sc. Nutrition Management and Dietetics


Tel.: 040 / 688 793 33
E-Mail: redaktion@upfit.de

About Lena:

Lena completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Management and Dietetics at the University of Hohenheim. Dietetics includes all the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. The focus of the course was on how health can be produced, maintained and improved through nutrition. In addition to being a qualified Group Fitness Trainer, Lena is passionate about sports. She has played volleyball for a long time, was active as a gymnast and regularly tries out new sports such as bouldering, capoeira, yoga, Zumba or kickboxing.

At Upfit, Lena deals with nutritional medicine, weight management and everything to do with the subject of healthy eating.

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