Healthy nutrition
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Tired of worrying about what and how much to eat? With Upfit ® we do the planning for you so you can just eat and enjoy. Diverse and healthy meals that suit your tastes. Let us help you achieve your goal.

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Lacking cooking inspiration? No time? Tired of starving yourself & counting calories?

Upfit makes healthy everyday nutrition easier – 100% adapted to your goals, time and personal nutritional preferences!

An abundance of variety

Thousands of recipes to inspire you every day. Adapted to your tastes, goals, lifestyle and calorie requirements.

Save yourself time and stress

We plan everything, you just eat and enjoy. Use the time-saving cook ahead function to prepare ahead balanced meals for your busy work days.

Save money on your food shop

Recipe prices from your favourite supermarkets and digital shopping lists help you keep your food costs down.

Have your shopping delivered

Not only does Upfit plan what you eat each day, but you have the option to have all your food delivered to your home.

Suitable for couples or family life

Use the ‘extra portion function’ to cook extra portions for your partner, family or guests.


Your individuality is important to us. Exclude foods you don’t like and adhere to your eating preferences.


Healthy weight loss or interval fasting? Upfit adapts to what you want. All options can be adjusted by you at any time for full flexibility.

Upfit Nutrition Plan Advantages

Nutrition, as individual as you


Over 10,000 recipes

Eating should be a pleasure, you shouldn’t eat the same foods day in day out. Try out new and delicious dishes every day.

Upfit Nutrition Plan Recipe Inspiration
Upfit Nutrition Plan Healthy Weight Loss


Your life, your rules

You have some eating habits that you just don’t want to give up? We respect that and work around them.


Say goodbye to planning & worrying about food

Your time is too valuable to waste endless hours on meal planning, hunting for recipes and calorie counting. Let Upfit do this for you so that you can concentrate on the rest of your life.

Upfit Nutrition Plan Healthy Weight Loss Recipe

Thousands of success stories,
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Upfit Reviews

500+ Reviews

Ø 4.7 stars

Thousands of success stories from happy Upfitters, top athletes, Olympians, personal trainers and gyms around the world.

Upfit Review Anna and Lisa Hahner


Anna & Lisa Hahner

"Whilst training, it helps to be able to trust someone with your diet, so that you can focus your energy on your training goals."

Upfit Review Anna Y.


Anna Y.

"I lost 5 Kg in 8 weeks and didn't feel like I was following a diet."

Upfit Review Tino L.


Tino L.

"Great plans created around you. The customer service team reacts quickly to any issues... I have lost 14.8 kg in 12 weeks with Upfit."

Upfit Review Henry K.

Gym Manager

Henry K.

"Upfit takes a lot of work off our hands. Such professional nutritional advice inspires our members..."

Upfit Review Maike Schachtschneider

German Champion

Maike Schachtschneider

"Individually tailored plans are very important since everyone reacts differently to sports and nutritional stimuli."

Are you eating the same thing every day?
Over 10,000 recipes await you

Upfit bietet ausschließlich schnelle, gesunde und abwechslungsreiche Rezepte

No frills, just delicious recipes ready in under 20 minutes that are 100% adapted to your tastes, goals and everyday life.

Upfit ist bekannt aus Presse und Fachzeitschriften
Upfit ist bekannt aus Presse und Fachzeitschriften