Lose weight without dieting? 42 valuable tips that really help

best weight loss tips without diet
  1. Tips and tricks for losing weight: This is what awaits you
  2. Weight Loss Tip 1: Eat like a king in the morning
  3. Weight Loss Tip 2: Schedule your workouts
  4. Weight Loss Tip 3: Eat more fiber!
  5. Weight Loss Tip 4: Avoid drinks with sugar or added sweetener
  6. Weight Loss Tip 5: Fill your freezer with vegetables
  7. Weight Loss Tip 6: Drink black coffee
  8. Weight Loss Tip 7: Snack properly
  9. Weight Loss Tip 8: Get enough good sleep
  10. Weight Loss Tip 9: Drink lots of water!
  11. Weight Loss Tip 10: Eat on smaller plates
  12. Weight Loss Tip 11: Add, do not subtract
  13. Weight Loss Tip 12: Avoid emotional eating
  14. Weight Loss Tip 13: Eat mindfully
  15. Weight Loss Tip 14: Don’t think you have to finish what’s on your plate
  16. Weight Loss Tip 15: Out of sight, out of mind
  17. Weight Loss Tip 16: Dear Diary …
  18. Weight Loss Tip 17: Do HIIT
  19. Weight Loss Tip 18: Wake up early and work out
  20. Weight Loss Tip 19: No late night snacking
  21. Weight Loss Tip 20: Pack your sports bag!
  22. Weight Loss Tip 21: Do not chew gum
  23. Weight Loss Tip 22: Bring more exercise into everyday life
  24. Weight Loss Tip 23: Treat yourself to a Cheat Day
  25. Weight Loss Tip 24: Drink a glass of warm morning water
  26. Weight Loss Tip 25: Snack on veggies
  27. Weight Loss Tip 26: Fat Free and Light foods seldom do what they promise
  28. Weight Loss Tip 27: Shared suffering is half the suffering
  29. Weight Loss Tip 28: Keep your fingers off the pills
  30. Weight Loss Tip 29: Salt the movie night popcorn yourself
  31. Weight Loss Tip 30: Dab the fat away!
  32. Weight Loss Tip: Alcohol only in moderation or not at all
  33. Weight Loss Tip 32: Salad is good – but only with good dressing
  34. Weight Loss Tip 33: Avoid stress
  35. Weight Loss Tip 34: “Old” exercises get old because they are good
  36. Weight Loss Tip 35: Eat spicy food!
  37. Weight Loss Tip 36: Grenade-strong pomegranate
  38. Weight Loss Tip 37: Keep your eye on the big picture
  39. Weight Loss Tip 38: What helps vampires …
  40. Weight Loss Tip 39: Excuses burn no calories
  41. Weight Loss 40: You are you and not someone else
  42. Weight Loss Tip 41: The hidden dangers of granola & fruit yoghurt
  43. Weight Loss Tip 42: Be nice to your digestive tract
  44. Weight loss Tip 43: Lose weight easily: With a healthy eating plan
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Tips and tricks for losing weight: This is what awaits you

Many people who’d like to lose weight are tormented by strict and often unhealthy diets: hunger pangs, nutrient deficiency symptoms, and poor performance are just a few of the negative side effects of crash diets. But dieting can be done differently. We’ll show you today the ultimate weight loss tips and tricks to help you lose weight without dieting, starvation, or the yo-yo effect!

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Weight Loss Tip 1: Eat like a king in the morning

What our grandparents already knew, is repeatedly documented in various studies: A balanced breakfast helps to lose weight. A London study found that in the absence of breakfast, the brain reacts more strongly to images of high-calorie food. Another study from 2013 showed a significantly greater decrease in the hunger hormone ghrelin among women who had eaten a large breakfast than in the comparison group with a small breakfast. So if you have a good breakfast, you reduce the risk of food cravings. Discover our healthy breakfast recipes for your next hearty breakfast.

Weight Loss Tip 2: Schedule your workouts

Exercise is an important success factor if you want to lose weight sustainably. According to one study, less than half of Germans manage to exercise regularly. The most common reason: no time (plus stress at work, private obligations, and other reasons that are really just a paraphrase for “no time”). No wonder that the many parents who are not getting proper exercise are poor role models in this respect for the next generation. If you are in such a situation yourself, it is helpful to enter fixed exercise times in your calendar. In this way, you can incorporate your workouts into you daily routine more easily, treating it of the same value as a doctor’s appointment. Not only your weight, but also your health and sense of happiness improve with regular exercise.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Eat more fiber!

An American Heart Association study instructed a group of subjects to follow a strict diet plan for over 3 months. The comparison group did not have to diet, they only had one single requirement for the period: 30 grams of fiber per day. At the end of the study, both experimental groups had lost weight and improved their heart health. This shows that the simple additional intake of dietary fiber can make a significant contribution to weight lose success. The reason is that fiber can absorb a lot of fluid and swell up in the digestive tract. Our appetite and sense of hunger, are responses to the volume of food in your stomach or the distension of the intestinal wall, so fiber intake makes a decisive difference when it comes to regulating the amount of food you eat. You can incorporate more fiber into your diet, for example, by choosing whole-grain products rather than white flour products.

Weight Loss TIp 4: Avoid drinks with sugar or added sweetener

When it comes to hydration, people who want to lose weight should avoid drinks that are sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. This includes juices and soft drinks, such as sodas.The light varianties of said soft drinks are not a good alternative, since sugar is replaced by substitute sweeteners with other negative side effects. Studies show that the consumption of light drinks often leads to weight gain. The explanatory approaches are manifold. It is possible that people who drink light sodas may underestimate the calorie savings and thus eat beyond their caloric needs – the diet drink thus becomes a calorie trap. Or that the sweet taste alone leads to a change in the sense of taste and thus to an unnoticed selection of calorie-rich foods – a theory for which there is already some evidence. It is also quite possible that the artificial sweeteners have a negative impact on our intestinal flora, which is responsible for the digestion and has a great influence on our signal system regarding hunger and appetite. No matter which of these theories is true in the end, it is clear that juices, as well as soft drinks and light drinks are not a sensible alternative to water, tea, or coffee when it comes to weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Fill your freezer with vegetables

Everything from the freezer is bad? Not in the least! Although fresh, seasonal vegetables have a slightly higher nutrient density, frozen vegetables are nearly as good. Shortly after harvesting, the fully ripened vegetables are frozen, with a large part of the nutrients preserved thanks to modern, gentle procedures. This can greatly influence your eating choices and keep you from ordering that convenient pizza. If you want to eat a clean nutrient-dense diet, you should always have a bag of frozen vegetables in stock – natural vegetables of course, and not bathed in a high-calorie sauce. Frozen vegetables offer a simple solution, Especially for people who work a lot and find it difficult to find time for grocery shopping or cooking projects with lots of vegetable washing and cutting (Tip: You can easily determine your optimal nutritional requirements with our BMI Calculator.)

Weight Loss TIp 6: Drink black coffee

A cup of black coffee (preferably without milk and sugar) in the morning not only wakes you up, it also awakens your metabolism. It will be activated up to 12% for around 3 hours. However one ought not drink coffee in excess. Although research findings on the health effects of coffee are fundamentally inconsistent and often exaggerated, it is clear that high coffee consumption will have a negative impact on your energy levels over the long term – the body cannot be forced to perform permanently. It makes more sense to drink a maximum of 3 cups of coffee a day spaced at least two to three hours apart, as, as the high caffeine increase can cause even more fatigue when your caffeine levels go down. Above all, you should be careful to drink your coffee black and sugar-free, as the addition of fat-rich cream, milk or soy milk, or sugar destroys the positive effect on your metabolism.

Weight Loss Tip 7: Snack properly

You sit on the couch in the evening and watch your favorite series. The power of habit calls for a bag of chips or sweets. The temptation is too big and you cannot resist. This is a situation which pretty much everyone can relate to. So what to do so that does not happen? Separate yourself from these unhealthy habits step by step. The hamburger with fries in the company cafeteria, the bag of potato chips while watching TV, or the obligatory after-work beer. No matter what unhealthy eating habits you have, be clear about what they are and start changing them now.

How? Find healthy alternatives that you still enjoy. For a cozy TV night, there are healthy snack alternatives that are delicious and easy to prepare. The simplest option is to get plenty of vegetables, such as cucumber, carrot, paprika, tomato, radish, kohlrabi, and celery, and cut them into snack-sized strips. Vegetables can be safely consumed in large quantities. This ensures healthy satiety, you do not have to worry about the calories, and you have replaced a negative habit with a positive one. Pistachios or other foods that need to be prepared for consumption can help you lose weight. The cracking of the individual pistachio nuts forces you to eat more slowly and less overall. Plus: pistachios are rich in protein and fiber. The same goes for cracking walnuts, hazelnuts, or peanuts instead of just grabbing them out of a packet. Berries in combination with nuts or almonds also offer a healthy alternative to the diet-killing chocolate bar. Likewise, small changes to the ingredients or variants of your food can have a major impact on the feeling of hunger, calorie level, and health. For example, the use of whole grain products can stay fuller for longer. Same goes for low fat cottage cheese and yogurt.

Weight loss Tip 8: Get enough good sleep

A simple trick, since it’s already part of your routine anyway: sleeping. Sleep has many positive effects on the body – sleep at least seven hours a night. Healthy, deep, REM sleep makes you more mentally stable and happier in everyday life – and drastically reduces the risk of getting food cravings due to hormonal fluctuations. Above all, athletes should sleep well, since regeneration processes take place in the body while you sleep, which includes the widely appreciated building of muscle. The better the quality of sleep, the higher the amount of fat you burn and muscle you build. The best sleep is where you fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, and wake up on your own naturally. But beware, too much sleep can have a negative impact on your motivation to move and your metabolism. Since we all differ here too, you should find out for yourself how many hours of sleep is best for you.

Weight Loss Tip 9: Drink lots of water!

Drinking plenty of water is important for our overall well-being and also helps with weight loss. Those who drink more water usually eat less – especially a glass of water directly before each meal promotes satiety. In addition, a feeling of thirst is often confused with a feeling of hunger and thus can cause you to eat when your body is actually asking you for water. In addition, increased hydration stimulates your metabolism, and when you exchange soft drinks and juices for water, you save a lot of calories – a glass of orange juice, for example, has 100-150 calories. Drinking just two glasses of juice a day for a month equals about one kilogram of body fat per day!

Weight Loss Tip 10: Smaller plates

Try eating your meals on smaller plates or bowls, which fill up faster. The background to this trick is that the brain perceives the same portion on a larger plate as smaller, thus slowing down a feeling of satiety. This same trick works with drinks also: Your brain perceives large glasses as having a smaller amount of liquid in them, as when you have the same amount of liquid in a small glass. Take advantage of this and use smaller dishes!

Weight Loss Tip 11: Add, do not subtract

Change your focus! Many people trying to lose weight focus on what foods they have to cut out and associate a diet with sacrifice. Instead, focus on what you can and should eat now. Lists of permitted foods help a lot to clarify the question many people who want to lose weight ask themselves: “What am I allowed to eat?”. The background is that the routine selection of unhealthy foods that are bad for weight gain characterize the daily diet of many overweight people. A poor diet is therefore usually based on unhealthy, ingrained behavior, in which healthy foods simply get forgotten. Therefore, looking at the wide variety of foods you can eat makes it easier to change behavior and eat healthier foods. Focus on the new healthy foods you can eat, and not the unhealthy ones that you have to do without.

Weight Loss Tip 12: Avoid emotional eating

We do not always eat just to satisfy our hunger. Often there are certain situations where we tend to eat when we’re not hungry. Boredom, stress, and loneliness are typical triggers. Reflect on your eating habits and find out what leads you to emotional eating. This helps you to act more consciously in similar situations in the future and to replace the food with a sensible alternative. Find yourself reaching for the chocolate bar when you’re stressed? Find other ways to calm down. Meditation, music, or a short walk are often helpful here. By recognizing the stressors and developing strategies, you will be able to reduce the stress or completely avoid it. Do you eat out of loneliness? Find ways to meet new people instead of turning to the fridge. Joining a sports team or getting a gym membership can be especially helpful here. These will not only help you to lose weight, but also get you in contact with other sociable and often like-minded people. The same goes for eating out of boredom: go out in the park, read a book, or call a friend who makes you laugh.

Weight Loss Tip 13: Eat mindfully

Eat more mindfully. This means avoiding distractions such as the TV, work, or traffic while eating. Sit down to dinner and take your time – concentrate and eat slowly. Pay attention to the consistency, the taste, the smell, your satiety. Your body knows how much food it needs – but often we pay no attention to it in our hectic everyday life, and gobble up our food unthinkingly, this often leads to eating even after your body is full. Mindful eating also helps you to deal with emotional eating. If you find it hard to concentrate while eating, use chopsticks instead of a fork or use the other hand. Focusing on your food in this way will help you become more mindful.

Weight Loss Tip 14: Don't think you have to finish what’s on your plate

As children we’re told we always have to eat until our plate’s empty. Now it’s time to unlearn this. Try eating slowly and don’t feel obligated to eat everything on your plate – stop before feeling bloated. It usually takes some time for your brain to receive the signal from your digestive tract that you’re full. Studies show not only that you tend to eat more food if you eat too quickly, but also that eating too quickly is “contagious”. If you’re your family and friends are inclined to eat too quickly, try communicating with them. Make the conscious choice to eat meals together more slowly and with pleasure.

Weight loss 15: Out of sight, out of mind

Be ruthless with your pantry, fridge, kitchen cabinets: Everything unhealthy has to go. Granted, just because we banish the chocolate bars from our field of vision does not mean that we completely forget about them. However, even the sight or smell of food can trigger desire and hunger. Of course, this also applies to image advertising, which we cannot completely switch off. But if something similar is available nearby e.g. in your fridge or cupboard, it is challenging to resist the temptation. By banishing all the unhealthy foods from your kitchen and trading them for healthy alternatives, you’re eliminating a risky cravings trigger. Out of sight, out of mind. When cravings come up, you will first see healthy things, which makes it easier to avoid unhealthy snacks.

Weight Loss Tip 16: Dear Diary ...

A food diary is the best way to become aware of your habits, while controlling what, when, and how much you eat each day (Hint: The Upfit Calorie Calculator will help you quickly figure out your ideal calorie intake). Studies have shown that success is higher for people who document their food intake than for those who don’t. In this way, weak points and unhealthy patterns can be identified and corrected step by step. Also with regard to emotional eating, a food diary may be helpful in reflecting unhealthy behaviors. Only what is measured and recorded correctly can be appropriately adjusted. When it comes to food, you can’t always trust your own memory, and the difference between your estimated and your real calorie intake is often striking – a simple notebook and a pen can change this quickly. 

Weight Loss Tip 17: Do HIIT

If you want to get fit quick, it’s best to make your workouts challenging. It isn’t enough to do the same workout every day. Vary your workout regularly every four to six weeks, to make sure your progress does not stagnate. Even within a workout, there should be variation, so it’s better to vary your tempo during a workout than to go at a steady pace. So you can improve different energy recovery systems bit by bit. In addition, you burn more calories with short intensive runs than with long, steady runs – and you save time. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is also based on a similar principle. This method always switches between light, easy exercises and intense exercises within a single workout. This change is based on your heart rate or speed. Your body has no time to adjust to the different levels of stress. Due to the high-intensity phases and the induced oxygen deficiency in the tissue, your energy requirement in your musculature remains elevated even after the end of your workout – so the fat burning continues long after you’ve stopped working out.

Weight Loss Tip 18: Wake up early and work out

Get up an hour earlier in the morning to incorporate a workout into your morning routine. A Japanese study found that a workout before breakfast boosts the metabolism. The study reports that around 280 more calories are burned during the day than when the same workout is done in the evening. If you don’t tolerate morning workouts well, try drinking a glass of water first and eating a few nuts or seeds. This way you prevent your blood sugar level from falling sharply during training, which leads to a strong performance drop and to compulsive hunger.

Weight Loss Tip 19: No late night snacking

An early dinner, about five hours before going to sleep, will give your body more time to burn calories and make sure you only eat when you are most active. In addition, you give your digestive tract a longer break, which, according to studies, also has a positive effect on weight loss. Find more related information in our Interval Fasting Guide!

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Weight Loss Tip 20: Pack your sports bag!

In the evening, always pack your sports bag so it’s easy to take with you the next day. This way you have less excuses to skip tomorrow’s workout.

Weight Loss Tip 21: Don't chew gum

Chewing gum activates your salivary and digestive tract, just like eating a regular meal. This has several consequences: on the one hand, the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system reduces our willingness to perform, so we switch into “chill mode” and move less. Second: your performance during exercise is reduced by chewing gum. The sweeteners in chewing gum can – as with sugar-free sweet drinks – activate neurotransmitters that regulate our blood sugar. The fact that we are chewing, as if we were eating, without actually getting any utilizable food in our digestive tract, can subsequently lead to an increased desire for food.

Weight Loss Tip 22: Bring more movement into your everyday life

You can increase your movement not only with sports, but also with small changes in your everyday life. Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs. Walk or bike to work instead of driving or busing. If replacing your entire route is not feasible, park your car farther away from your work or get off the bus a few stops earlier. If you go out to eat often, choose a more distant healthy restaurant and walk there – in this way you build more variety and movement into your everyday life. Simple things that can be incorporated into everyday life are easy to find. The great thing is: Over time, as regular movement becomes more of a habit, you begin to enjoy exercise, which further increases your motivation to move. So don’t worry if at first it you have to force yourself to move, after a while, you will find that you, and your body, are looking forward to the movement.

Weight Loss Tip 23: Treat yourself to a cheat day on a regular basis

Your body adapts quickly to new circumstances. For example, if you create the same calorie deficit every day to lose weight, your body will get used to it. After about 8-10 days, your body adapts to the calorie deficit through various mechanisms. It is therefore important to treat yourself now and then. Plan a cheat day into your nutrition Plan at regular intervals. A cheat day does not mean that you eat indiscriminately, whatever you like – otherwise a single cheat day per week can ruin your entire calorie deficit. However a conscious, nutritious Cheat Day is good for weight loss, not the to mention it’s good for the soul something we can all look forward to!

Weight Loss Tip 24: Drink a glass of warm water in the morning

Lukewarm water is particularly good after a long night. It stimulates kidney metabolism and blood circulation. By stimulating the blood circulation, we wake up faster and our metabolism increases again faster. In addition, a glass of water in the morning cleanses our gastrointestinal tract and thus ensures better digestion. You can extend this positive effect by adding a pinch of natural salt and a dash of lime. The salt supplies our adrenal glands with minerals, while lime juice is basically metabolized and raises our pH, which is very low in the morning. You can find even more tips & tricks for proper drinking in our Drink Guide.

Weight Loss Tip 25: Make vegetables your snack of choice

We all know fruit and vegetables are much better suited for weight loss than traditional snacks like chocolate and chips. Incidentally, fruits and vegetables also provide many vitamins, minerals and fiber. You can eat fruit during a diet, but in moderation. Fruit contains a high proportion of fructose (fruit sugar) and is therefore higher in calories than vegetables. For this reason we recommend making veggies your primary snack of choice, particularly in the evening.

Weight Loss Tip 26: Fat Free and Light foods seldom do what they promise

If a food is advertised as fat free or light, often other calorie bombs are hidden inside it. For example, a conventional yoghurt advertised as fat-free, often has a greatly increased sugar content. In this example, 300 grams of low-fat yoghurt, in addition to the approximately 200 calories, has 11.7 g of sugar. This would be equivalent to 12 pieces of sugar and is therefore anything but helpful for weight loss. In the 80s and 90s, fat was still the black sheep for the growing overweight population in the Western world. This is when many “light” products, with lots of sugar, came on the market. Now we know that reducing fat content alone does not necessarily help with weight loss. Particularly not when sugar increases. The overweight population continued to grow. Fats carry many important vitamins and fulfill many other tasks in the body, but sugar does not. So forget about light products and instead pay attention to eating good fats and avoid eating too many sugary products.

Weight Loss Tip 27: Shared suffering is half the suffering

Humans are pack animals! We have supported and helped each other since the time of the hunters and gatherers and to this day we feel good with our trusted team or “pack”. Whether with a partner, friends, or colleagues, if we can conquer challenges together, and share experiences of success, we can be twice as happy. So get together, get motivated, and reach your goals together.

Weight Loss Tip 28: Keep your hands off the pills

The market is flooded with supplements. Although there are useful supplements, such as magnesium or vitamin complexes, many supplements promising miracle fat burning or muscle building results are not helpful. These miracle supplement are mostly just empty promises, and have a very limited effect. To lose weight sustainably, keep your hands off pills, capsules, powders, and rely instead on traditional healthy, dietary changes and physical activity. These have been the source of natural miracles in the human body for thousands of years!

Weight Loss Tip 29: Salt the movie night popcorn yourself

The next movie night is coming, but unfortunately you are bound to your diet. Your friends or partner nibble happily on fatty snacks. Faced with the constant reminder of the foods you must renounce, your frustration grows. But you don’t have to do without snacks completely! In contrast to the finished popcorn packs, homemade popcorn has significantly fewer calories. Simply place the corn in a pan, put the lid on it, and wait until the whole corn is “puffed”. Avoid adding sugar and instead season with salt to save calories. If you like it sweet, try seasoning with cinnamon.

Weight Loss Tip 30: Dab the fat away!

Sounds funny at first? Consider this statement literally and it is much more meaningful. When searing meats in a pan, we need fats in the form of oils or butter. In order to avoid some of these fats: carefully dab the fat from the meat with some paper towel after frying it. In this way, you get all the taste without all the calories!

Weight Loss Tip 31: Alcohol only in moderation or not at all

Alcohol can be a relaxing stimulant. However, if you’re serious about losing weight, you should stay away from it. By abstaining from wine or beer in the evening, you save a lot of calories. The fact that alcohol is a toxin also makes it a diet killer. When you drink alcohol, your body starts trying to remove the toxins. Digestion and calorie burning processes in the body are disturbed and shut down during the toxin removal process. Even non-alcoholic beer, particularly the wheat variety, is not a suitable drink for weight loss: It contains empty calories and, to make matters worse, even estrogen-like substances that are harmful to your body in large quantities. Non-alcoholic beer is better than beer with alcohol, but neither are suitable drinks for weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 32: Salad is good - but only with good dressing

Traditionally, salads and vegetables are the best foods to lose weight. But all salads are not created equal. In addition to meat and cheese – which are often the toppings of a salad – the inconspicuous dressing represents a calorie trap. Finished dressing from the supermarket often contains a lot of oil or mayonnaise, plus a lot of sugar. We recommend that you make your own dressings, so you can control which ingredients go in them. Only a little oil, yogurt, mustard, balsamic vinegar, and herbs, as well as salt, onion, and garlic should come in your dressing.

Weight Loss Tip 33: Avoid Stress

We know, easier said than done. But you can and should monitor and control your stress level. The biggest stressors have always been the same. According to recent annual DAK health studies the biggest stressors are: too little time, too much work, too many family and social commitments. Behind all these stressors is a lifeworld in which we are constantly reachable thanks to mobile phones. Add on top of that that we all want to be successful in all areas of life and often compare ourselves with others in social networks. The solution: set priorities and plan for them.

Do not take on too many things at once. For example, you want to live healthier, stop smoking, and start exercising. Goals that are too high can sabotage your success. You have to give up too much, too fast, and the results only gradually become visible or measurable. This causes a lot of frustration and increases the likelihood of a crash you giving up. One thing at a time! Set yourself small, staggered goals and try to reach them slowly, one at a time. You will notice that each time you achieve a small goal, your motivation and self-esteem increases, and thus the likelihood that you will reach the next goal.

Weight Loss Tip 34: "Old" exercises get old because they're good

Do not always look for the latest workouts during training. Trends are trends and often don’t work in the long run. What works, stays. If you want to maximize the effect of your workouts, then stick to the the classic multi-joint exercises in different variations: push-ups or bench presses, squats or deadlifts, and pull exercises such as pull-ups or rowing activate several muscle groups and the large muscles in the body. This makes them far superior to isolated exercises such as crunches or biceps curls when it comes to losing weight. Perform these exercises over your entire range of motion in order to achieve as much effect as possible.

Weight Loss Tip 35: Eat spicy foods!

Spice up your meal with red chillies. These contain a substance called capsaicin that increases the thermogenesis of the body and thus the amount of calories you burn – an obvious advantage for weight loss. In addition, some studies have shown that even small amounts of chili, best taken before the actual meal, reduces the amount you eat and at the same time increases satisfaction with the meal. Those who absolutely cannot tolerate chilli should try ginger: the fresh tuber plants act similarly to the hot chili pepper.

Weight Loss Tip 36: Reach for the pomegranate

A pomegranate should also find its way into your diet now and then. Pomegranates are not only delicious on salads but also have the additional advantage of containing lots of antioxidants, plus some acids that are proven to reduce your storage of fats and calories. To lose weight, you must ultimately create a calorie deficit – with this the pomegranate can help you.

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Weight Loss Tip 37: Keep your eye on the big picture

Feeling like you have gone full throttle for weeks, but that the bathroom scale is not responding properly? Then look in the mirror first and check the optics. The best way is to do this is with a monthly comparison photo. What happened? The scale is one number, the belly circumference, for example, is another, and often both do not develop parallel to each other. If you still do not like what you see, then start troubleshooting. Often, a food diary can provide helpful information, but it also does not hurt to look at all the tips again and to think about what you do on the weekends. Two days of indulgence can easily ruin your five healthy days before that.

Weight Loss Tip 38: If it helps with vampires ...

Garlic is seen by nutrition experts as a remedy for the diseases caused by obesity. The reason is simple: garlic increases blood flow and reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. In our body there is metabolically active fat – the so-called brown fatty tissue – and white, passive fatty tissue. Garlic increases the ratio of brown to white adipose tissue and thus contributes to a higher energy consumption, which makes it easier for us to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tip 39: Excuses do not burn calories

Develop a mindset that focuses on finding solutions and not looking for problems. You probably have someone in your friend circle who makes plans to meet up with you, but something always comes in between and they cancel at the last minute. After the third time you begin to think: he or she apparently has no desire to see you. Trying to lose weight can be similar. You always feel that for one reason or another you cannot start or continue right now. And let’s be honest – you can always find some reason. Sometimes it’s the birthday of your mother, girlfriend or a third cousin, sometimes you go on vacation, sometimes you’re out all day and then have to eat what’s quick, and sometimes it’s just weekend. The bad news: Unfortunately sustainable weight loss does not work that way. It is better to plan for such situations and to find adequate solutions. If you see problems everywhere, they will slow you down. If you are good at finding solutions, nothing can stop you. So it’s worth working on. A concrete example can be found in Tip 44.

Weight Loss Tip 40: You are you, and not someone else

Many weight loss success stories circulate around the Internet, where the protagonists saying something like “I’ve found success, do the same thing as me and you’ll succeed too”. It would be really nice if the world worked so easily – then anyone could run a 100m world record, be a top model, or an NBA professional. You probably see yourself that this kind of logic is an error of reasoning. Everyone is different. One person learns math quickly and easily, while for other people it seems impossible. One person only needs to look at a dumbbell and his or her muscles grow, another person has to train hard for years to get results. If you’d like to achieve something, don’t look at others, instead focus solely on you and your body. Exercise more, pay more attention to your diet, follow the rules more closely, look for mistakes, and try out alternatives. That’s the reason we wrote this guide: to bring you the success factors for healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 41: The hidden dangers of granola & fruit yoghurt

Be careful with prepackaged granolas, cereals, and fruit yogurts from the supermarket shelf. In most of these products there is a large amount of sugar – also known as honey, maple, and agave syrup – that ensures the sweet taste, crispy flakes, and long shelf life. Sometimes artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, such as sucralose, also find their way into cereal or yoghurt. Sucralose can be added with maltodextrin, a normal carbohydrate. Sugar alcohols and sweeteners are not good for your health in large quantities. It is therefore better to buy natural yoghurt and refine it yourself with fresh fruits – berries are particularly suitable here. You can also simply replace ready-made muesli and granola with a homemade version: chopped almonds or hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flaxseed and amaranth can be combined with oat or wheat flakes to form a basic muesli, then you can refine with fresh fruits, cocoa nibs or cinnamon if you like. Small additional tip: If you’re still missing a little sweetness, try rice or oat milk. Both products have natural sweetness – but double check the ingredients list for added sugars!

Weight Loss Tip 42: Be nice to your digestive tract

If you find it difficult to lose weight and you also often have a bloated stomach or notice that you wake up in the morning with a sour taste in your mouth, your body may be unable to tolerate one or more of the nutrients you regularly consume . This is not only unpleasant, but also slows down your metabolism, and thus the weight loss process, massively. A common reason is a lack of enzymes that are needed for digestion, so that your body has to resort to fermentation for metabolism. This produces gases and acids that cause the above two symptoms. Testing for food intolerances (check with your family doctor) can be a quick remedy and make it easier for you to lose weight in the future.

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Upfit offers you the opportunity to lose weight easily – without dieting. With an Upfit Meal Plan, you can bring more joy and greater wellbeing into your life, and lose a lot of weight along the way. We optimize your personal Meal Plan so that your nutrient intake is perfectly balanced for your body and lifestyle. Tailored to your individual needs, your Nutrition Plan includes your favorite foods, that will not only fill you up, but also get rid of those annoying extra pounds in a short time. You decide for yourself which foods you like and which ones you do not like. Your food allergies and intolerances, such as lactose, glutamate and histamine intolerance, can be selected in the Upfit Configurator when personalizing your customized nutrition Plan. Daily tasty and easy-to-cook recipes will help you to eat a varied and healthy diet. Create your individual Upfit Meal Plan today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can lose weight without dieting. An effective way to reduce weight is a personalized diet. An individual Nutrition Plan helps you reach your goal – without the yo-yo effect.

Diets can be very restrictive, which often leads to a lack of nutrients. An individual Nutrition Plan ensures that you are well supplied with every important nutrient. This results in less cravings and no more yo-yo effect.

Upfit is developed with graduates of the renowned German Sport University in Cologne. We regularly incorporate the latest nutritional knowledge into your plans for a 100% scientific basis. Upfit plans are always tailored to you, your personal needs, and your everyday life. In addition, our nutrition experts are always here to help and advise you at any time along the way to reaching your goal. We offer short cooking times, lean shopping lists, with full recipe variety, so that healthy food is really fun and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.


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