What are the healthiest foods to lose weight?


Food for weight loss

You’d like to lose weight and are currently in a diet phase? You’d like to reduce your body fat and build muscle? We’ve put together a selection of foods that you can use to safely lose or maintain your weight. Whether you’re a woman or a man, these foods are guaranteed to help you reach your goal.

You can find even more valuable tips and tricks on diet change in our Upfit Coach and in our diet plan for losing weight.


Foods Calories Carbohydrates / 100 g Proteins / 100 g Fats / 100 g
Eggs 155 kcal 1.1 g 13 g 11 g
Turkey 106 kcal 0 g 21 g 1.5 g
Tuna 223 kcal 0 g 22 g 15 g
Low fat yoghurt 62 kcal 4.5 g 10.8 g 0.2 g
Cottage cheese 101 kcal 2.4 g 12.7 g 4.5 g
Quinoa 368 kcal 59 g 12.5 g 6.4 g
Soybeans 143 kcal 10.4 g 11.9 g 5.9 g
Broccoli 31 kcal 2.4 g 3 g 0.4 g
‘Harzer’ Cheese 131 kcal 0 g 30 g 0.7 g
Papaya 32 kcal 7 g 0.6 g 0.1 g
Spinache 14 kcal 2.7 g 0.8 g 0.4 g
Apples 55 kcal 11.7 g 0.3 g 0.3 g
Chick peas 327 kcal 44.3 g 18.6 g 4.9 g
Almonds 576 kcal 4 g 21.2 g 49.9 g
Celery 14 kcal 1.5 g 0.9 g 0.1 g


With 13 g of protein per 100 g and a variety of vitamins and minerals in the egg yolk such as vitamins A, D, E and K and a range of B vitamins, the egg is an essential part of our diet. The protein contained in the egg is absorbed particularly well by the body. In conjunction with sports, it is very helpful when it comes to losing weight. One to two eggs a day keeps our calorie balance stable during a diet.

The myth that cholesterol contained in eggs harms your body has long been disproved. On the contrary, eggs are a good source of protein, and the fats in egg yolks are essential fatty acids that your body should not do without. In addition, eggs are good for your wallet, because per gram of protein they cost less than 3 cents and are thus unbeatable low.


Turkey meat is one of the lowest-fat sources of protein. With only 1 g of fat and 24 g of protein per 100 g of turkey, the calorie balance is particularly optimal. The high levels of vitamin B6 additionally supports your protein metabolism as well.


Tuna is one of the most protein rich fish available. With a protein content of 21.5 g per 100 g this is a particularly suitable food for weight loss. Tuna fillets canned in its own juice contain only 1 g of fat and 113 calories per 100 g.

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Low-fat yoghurt

Another excellent food for weight loss is low fat yogurt. This is so popular because it is easy to prepare, inexpensive and very nutritious. There are about 12 g protein and only 70 kcal In 100 g of low fat yogurt.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is low in calories and contains a whopping 11 g of protein per 100 g. Even though cottage cheese is not widely eaten among the average population, athletes and athletes have been using this source of protein for a long time. In addition to the high-quality protein and the low price, cottage cheese has the advantage of being versatile and delicious. Whether as a healthy snack with cucumber, sweetened with a little cinnamon, or as a creamy note in a green salad – cottage cheese is a perfect supplement to lose weight and should not be missed in any diet.


Quinoa is called the gold of the Incas. It is very similar to grains, but is one of the goosefoot plants, along with spinach and beetroot. Due to the high protein content (12.5 g per 100 g) and the essential amino acids and minerals, quinoa is an absolute superfood, and may be easily used as a healthy alternative to pasta and potatoes.

Soy Beans

There are many vegan sources of protein, but soybeans are our favorite. Soybeans contain 33% protein, 18% fat and 27% carbohydrates – a great combination. The exceptionally high potassium content of 1800 mg per 100 g makes it the first choice for body-conscious eaters. Soy products can be flexibly used as a side dish, salad, or main course. Another highlight is the price: with a maximum of 1 Euro per 25 grams of protein, it is a cheap, vegan source of protein, which we can highly recommend.


Green vegetables are among the most nutritious and healthiest foods ever. No wonder that broccoli, with an extremely high vitamin C and potassium content, ranks among the leaders in terms of nutritional value. In addition, it strengthens our immune system, helps us in the fight against carcinogenic substances, and is very low in fat and calories. (Tip: You can easily determine your optimal nutritional requirements with our BMI Calculator.)

'Harzer' cheese

Many associate Harzer cheese with its intense smell. It is the sour milk cheese, and compared to normal cheese, harzer cheese, with only 0.7% fat and fabulous 30 g protein per 100 g, is the undisputed cheese king. The protein can be optimally absorbed by our body and the high calcium content additionally helps to increase your fat burning.


With only 43 calories per 100 g, the exotic papaya is a true lightweight. In addition to a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene, the enzyme papain contained in it has a positive influence on muscle building and body regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, a healthy diet does not have to be expensive. On the contrary – it is even possible to eat healthily for less than 5 euros per day. Often it is helpful if you do not go shopping haphazardly without a plan, but rather prepare a fixed shopping list with planned meals. In this way you can avoid too many foods landing in your cart, which are not actually needed. A food diary can also help you plan and structure your meals in advance for the days ahead.

For a successful weight loss without the yo-yo effect, it is important, especially in the first weeks after finishing your diet to pay attention to your body. Adaptation to the reduced calorie requirement due to your weight loss is crucial for preventing the yo-yo effect. Maintaining a largely active, balanced, and healthy lifestyle also has a positive effect on your body.

No, not really. A Refeed or Cheat day (better just Cheat meal) is used to replenish the glycogen stores in muscles, liver, and brain during a low-carbohydrate diet. A cheat day is only meaningful if you follow a strict low carb diet, or do a lot of sports on a low carbohydrate diet. One indication of the need for a cheat meal is continued lethargy about one to two weeks after starting a low carb diet. Check out the Upfit coach to find out how a cheat day can help you lose weight and build muscle.

Even when you stick to your nutritional plan, it is not uncommon for you to stop losing weight after a certain amount of time. To counteract the so-called weight loss plateau, it is first of all important not to get discouraged. Stay motivated, active, and true to your healthy diet – your discipline will pay off. You can find more tips in our coach article about how to overcome the weight loss plateau.

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