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Upfit helps people to lead a healthy lifestyle in everyday life.

The problem with nutrition

Eating should be a pleasure… unfortunately for many people this isn’t the case. In fact far from it. People everywhere struggle with the same questions every day: what should I cook tonight? What do I need to eat to lose weight? Are foods without added sugar really better for me? How am I supposed to eat healthily when the office canteen only serves fast food?

In short: nutrition is often more of a source of stress than pleasure.

No starving, no compromises - stay true to yourself

Banning and giving up particular foods is demoralising and can have the opposite effect — causing you to relapse into old eating patterns.

We believe that healthy nutrition should be simple. Instead of ignoring your personal preferences and eating habits, we work around them. We are interested in your tastes, how you live and your individual habits. Based on your preferences, we calculate, plan and create a dietary routine that will fit into your life permanently.

Instead of worrying about what is right or wrong, start enjoying your food. We plan, you eat and enjoy!

We plan, you eat and enjoy

We take into account your preferences – because your new diet will only become a habit if it tastes great and fits in with your life.

We inspire you daily – You don’t have to be a michelin star chef to eat delicious, varied and healthy food.

We plan around your life. We recognise that your family, your job and your wallet all play an important role on the way to better eating habits.

We take the time-consuming planning off your hands. We believe your time is too precious to worry about what and how much you should eat every day.

We bring joy back to your plate – because eating is pleasure and should be enjoyed to the full. We show you how!

Innovation and science accessible for all

Upfit is an innovative healthcare company that combines science and technology.

Our multidisciplinary team of nutrition and digital experts uses the latest technologies to simplify your everyday nutrition routine. Individual nutritional coaching, a premium service until recently, is now available to everyone with Upfit.

Recommended by athletes, trainers and nutrition experts

Since 2016 we have been supporting people in planning and implementing a healthy lifestyle. Our scientific anti-diet approach has not only changed the lives of thousands of people, but is also used by Olympic athletes, European champions, personal trainers and fitness studios worldwide.

Our quality standards: How we work

Our readers are always the focus for our content creation. We want to create content that is informative, fun and easy to understand at the same time.

In addition to our scientifically sound nutrition plans, which are individually tailored to you, we also offer a variety of articles, videos and podcasts on the topics of nutrition, sports and mindset in our coach section.

In order to ensure that we create relevant and interesting content for you that you can trust, we are constantly developing our content and processes based on the feedback and data we receive.

That’s why a correct and scientific reporting is really important to us. Our team therefore consists of studied nutritionists, sports scientists and psychologists who have; a wide range of expertise, the latest scientific findings and studies and only rely on trusted sources.

Before we publish an article, it goes through a multi-level, standardised evaluation process with intensive research, fact checks and proofreading. Our nutritionists and experts will make sure that in the end you will receive an informative and reliable article and all your questions will be answered based on the latest science.

Summary of our awards

“Price-Performance Winner” in the “Weight Loss Programmes Comparison 2023”

“Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2023”
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1st place “Flexibility & Convenience” at “Weight Loss Portals 2022” study

“Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2022”
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“Top Customer Satisfaction” and “Top Customer Service” in the sector “Weight Loss Portals”
DtGV German Customer Award 2021/22

“Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2021”
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“Top Startup Employer 2021”
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“Top 3 Brand Trust Germany 2021”

“Best Healthy Meal Planning Service 2021”
German Business Awards 2021

“High Customer Trust 2020”

“Test winner Weight Loss Portals 2020: Flexibility & Convenience”

“1st place Customer Service Online Weight Loss Portals”
DtGV Test 04/2018

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