Philipp Wösten (Dipl. Sports Sciences)

Philipp Wösten (Dipl. Sports Sciences)

Field of study:

Sports, Training, Training methods


Diploma in Sports Science from the Cologne University of Sports with specialization to become a Functional Trainer


  • Diploma in Sports Science (German Sports University Cologne)
  • DSHS Functional Trainer in Strength Sports (German Sport University Cologne)
  • DSHS Functional Trainer in Coordination/Flexibility (German Sport University Cologne)
  • Therapist “Chiropressur according to Dr. Thome” (German Sport University Cologne)

Contact us:

phone: 040 / 688 793 33

About Philipp:

Philipp has a diploma in sports science from the German Sport University in Cologne. His scientific focus was on functional training. Philipp is a passionate athlete and among other things a Functional Trainer and Fitness Coach.

At Upfit, Philipp works passionately on all topics related to training and functional training.

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