Janina Dapprich
(B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Janina Dapprich (B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Field of study:

Healthy nutrition, dietetics, recipes


  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrional Science at the University of Applied Sciences Münster


  • B.Sc. Oecotrophology
  • Distance learning for nutrition counselling

Contact us:

phone: 040 / 688 793 33
e-mail: redaktion@upfit.de

About Janina:

Janina has been interested in a healthy lifestyle from a young age. She trained as a nutritionist while she was still at school and has subsequently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences with a focus on “Nutrition and Health”.

The connection between a healthy diet and a high quality of life does not come into question for her. A lifestyle that guarantees long-term health does not have to be tough and dull. That is why Janina is also an enthusiastic cook and likes to give her creativity free rein in the kitchen. She has made it her task to make her knowledge comprehensible and accessible to everyone.

At Upfit, Janina contributes articles on the subject of nutrition and is responsible for creating tasty, new recipes for our recipe database. She is also responsible for customer service.

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