Successfully lose weight – How you can get your dream body with the right diet change

diet change and successful weight loss


Are you doing all the right things but still not losing weight? Despite having changed your diet and exercise routine? Find out which common mistakes may be preventing you from losing weight (and how you can fix them) here:

Mistakes to avoid when changing your diet

A major misconception is that fruit juices are healthy and help you lose weight. But the opposite is the case: the high sugar content in most juices, is more likely to make you gain weight than lose it. If you cannot bear going without juices completely you should at least dilute them with water. Alcoholic drinks should be considered taboo during your weight loss phase. For a successful dietary change, alcohol should be avoided entirely or at the very least kept to a minimum. Not just beer and wine, but especially cocktails and mixed drinks should be avoided, the reasons being threefold: 1. These drinks are real calorie bombs, as they are often mixed with high-calorie fruit juices or sugary soft drinks. 2. Alcohol slows down fat burning while it is being metabolized in your body. 3. Drinking alcohol increases your risk of food cravings.

Too much stress—too little sleep

In addition to dietary changes, other factors also play important roles in healthy weight loss. Stress at work or home is one of the greatest hindrances to a successful diet change. Deadline pressure and lack of time often lead to stress eating and poor food choices. Of course, this is anything but conducive to weight loss. If that were not bad enough, stress in everyday life causes sleep problems and disorders. Sleep is also very important for a healthy lifestyle and even more important if you want to lose weight. People who don’t get enough sleep tend to take in more calories day and night. By doing so, they deprive their bodies of the opportunity to regenerate and promote healthy weight loss. So if you want to lose weight, then you should avoid stress. We know this is easier said than done sometimes, but try to find small ways to take breaks, even in the office, as it is important to take time during the day to rest. By doing so you will reduce stress, become more productive, and feel calmer and more balanced.

Incorrect calorie counting

You should not equate successful dieting with calorie counting. Those who only look at the kilocalories of food, will often wonder why they are not losing weight. Choosing foods based solely on the calorie information is an overly simplistic approach to weight loss: An ice cream sandwich, for example, may contain as many calories as a sandwich with wholegrain bread—but the differences in nutritional value and sugar content of the two choices are enormous. So it’s important that you also know differences in the ingredients and the nutrients of the food. For example, long and short chain carbohydrates are burned differently and affect your blood sugar level differently —and should also be taken into account in your diet. (Tip: You can easily determine your optimal nutritional requirements with our BMI calculator.)

A successful diet change with the right nutrition plan

To achieve long-term and healthy weight loss, it makes sense to use a scientifically based nutritional plan that will help you not only with changing your diet but also support you every step along the way to reaching your goal. With a nutrition plan from, all your individual needs are respected and observed. The nutrition plan is tailor made and adapted to your wishes. Whether vegetarian, vegan or allergic, you will get an individual weight-loss plan that is right for you. You will also get a handy shopping list to help you shop as efficiently as possible. Create your Upfit Nutrition Plan now to finally lose those extra pounds— and keep them off forever.

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