Alicia Scherer
(B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Alicia Scherer (B.Sc. Ökotrophologie)

Field of study:

Nutrition and Health


Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science at the University Justus-Liebig, Gießen


B.Sc. Nutritional Science

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About Alicia Scherer:

Alicia graduated in Nutritional Science at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen with a focus on nutritional economics. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis on the effects of social media on the body image of young people.

In everyday life, she focuses on sufficient exercise and sustainability. She is convinced that healthy eating should be fun and has nothing to do with doing without. However, Alicia still attaches importance to a balanced diet in order to feel good all round. She is always well informed about current food trends and likes to try out new recipes. Of course, these have to be photographed and shared with others before they can be eaten. Everything tastes much better when it’s nicely presented, just like the saying goes: The eye eats with you.