Carla Bredeek
(B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Carla Bredeek (B.Sc. Ökotrophologie)

Field of study:

Health and Nutrition


Bachelor of Science Nutritional Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences


B.Sc. Nutritional Science


Tel.: 040 / 688 793 33

About Carla Bredeek:

Carla graduated in Nutritional Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. She specialised in nutrition and health. She expanded this with the subjects “Vitamins and Minerals”, “Sport and Nutrition” and “Food Photography”. As her parents work in food retailing, she became involved with the topic of nutrition at an early age. She is also a passionate long-distance runner, which is why she also studies nutrition in endurance sports.

Carla’s interests lie primarily in the area of nutrition and health. It is important to her that healthy nutrition is within everyone’s reach. Fundamental for her is that the necessary knowledge about healthy nutrition is easily accessible and that more is done to make people understand that the connection between sport and nutrition plays an important role in health.

At Upfit, Carla is responsible for articles on the topic of nutrition. She also works in customer service.

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