Caroline Knubben
(M.A. Sport- and Movement Science)

Caroline Knubben (M.A. Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaften)

Field of study:

Sport- and Movement Science


  • Bachelor of Arts (Sport and Health in Prevention and Therapy) at the German Sport University Cologne
  • Master of Arts (Sport- und Movement Science) at the University of Hamburg


  • B.A. Sport und Health in Prevention and Therapy 
  • M.A. Sport- and Movement Science
  • Massage Therapist
  • Sport und Nutrition (DSHS Cologne)

Contact us:

Tel.: 040 / 688 793 33

About Caroline Knubben:

Caroline completed her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Health at the German Sport University Cologne. During her studies, she took further training as a massage therapist and studied the topics of sport and nutrition. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis on the effect of sport and nutrition on people with dementia. This involved a closer look at aspects of vegetarian and vegan nutrition. After her bachelor’s degree, she wanted to devote herself more to the direction of sport and health in connection with media. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Sport and Movement Science with a focus on culture and media.

Her motivation is to actively use the media to pass on understanding about sport and nutrition. She wants to combine sport and health with the media to provide a better perspective.

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