Madita Böhme
(B.Sc. Psychology)

Madita Böhme (B.Sc. Psychology)

Field of study:

Motivation, behavioural changes (habit building), health psychology


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Medical School Hamburg


  • B.Sc. Psychology

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phone: 040 / 688 793 33

About Madita:

Madita graduated in psychology from the Medical School in Hamburg. Here she took subjects in the field of motivation, among others. In addition to the application of psychological concepts, her interests also lie in the areas of sport and nutrition. One of her goals is to integrate psychological concepts into the fitness and nutrition industry and make everyone aware of them.

At Upfit, Madita is an author covering all topics related to nutrition and fitness, with a special focus on motivation and habit building, as well as the topics mindfulness and self-compassion in the field of sports and nutrition.

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