Michelle Wiesenthal
(B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Michelle Wiesenthal (B.Sc. Nutritional Science)

Field of study:

Nutrition, Health and the Food Industry


  • Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda


  • B.Sc. Nutritional Science

Contact us:

phone: 040 / 688 793 33
e-mail: redaktion@upfit.de

About Michelle:

Michelle graduated with a degree in nutritional science from the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda with a focus on the food industry. She gained practical experience as an assistant chef in the canteen kitchen of a hotel and during scientific studies at her university.

Her main interests lie in designing a healthy, balanced diet as well as in sport. She strongly believes that in addition to food having a positive effect on our health, it should also taste delicious and be easily integrated into our everyday life. With regards to sport, Michelle has been doing strength training for several years, with a focus on powerbuilding. It is important to her that more scientifically-based awareness-raising work is carried out on the topics of nutrition and sport. This should help people to develop a better understanding of them, rather than perceiving them as complicated, and allow more people to implement them into their everyday life.

At Upfit, Michelle works in the field of nutrition, food and recipe creation.

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