Lose weight without hunger or food cravings - is that possible? Sure it is!

Lose weight without hunger

Lose weight without hunger

Almost everyone can relate to this: You have put on a few extra pounds and want to get rid of them. And that means hunger, an irritable mood, and giving up your favorite foods all over again—which often leads to food cravings and binges that destroy all the successes from the previous days. But there is another way. Losing weight without hunger is possible! You need to know that about yourself and your body.

Hormones and hunger

The key to losing weight without hunger is understanding your hormones. In addition to many processes in the brain, the hormones leptin and ghrelin control your feeling of hunger. In the human body, the fat reserves continuously secrete the hormone leptin, the function of which is to reduce the feeling of hunger. Sounds perfect for weight loss without starving yourself! However, it has been demonstrated that the target neurons in the brains of obese people have resistance to leptin and thus the feeling of hunger in obese people can no longer be naturally satiated as easily. This means that having a high proportion of fat in your body has a direct impact on your perceived feeling of hunger in the brain. The hormone ghrelin is produced in the gastric mucosa and, in addition to its satiating effect, also releases growth hormones. During the hunger phase, the amount of ghrelin in the blood increases and then drops significantly after eating. Experts argue about how exactly the feeling of fullness occurs but one thing is certain: the hunger metabolism can be influenced.

Cravings are very complex. The body tells us that it needs something very urgently. Cravings for sweets are often a side effect of radical diets. The body craves calories and particularly sugar, which goes directly into your bloodstream. Your reward center is activated and you are happy. So if you want to stop cravings, you should not choose a radical diet, but rather a healthy and balanced diet that fits your needs perfectly. There are many tips to combat cravings. For example, brush your teeth or drink a lot of water. However, the best solution is to tackle the problem directly at the roots with an individual nutritional plan.

Go by the clock!

Meals at the usual times help you lose weight without hunger because there is a connection between the release of the appetizing hormone ghrelin and the time of day. The distribution of ghrelin is mainly based on your biggest meal of the day. A doctor’s appointment that postpones your lunch by two hours can sabotage the best-laid weight loss plan:

On the one hand, the shift in the usual time lunch hour causes increased hunger—which leads to hunger and binging— and on the other hand, when dinner time rolls around, your body is still full from late food intake in the afternoon but then you get hungry two hours later when you are getting ready for bed. And we all know that late-night eating is kryptonite to weight loss! So if you want to lose weight without hunger, the first step is to coordinate and adjust your food intake with the help of nutrition plans. Documenting dietary habits often helps to better understand your eating habits and when and why you get food cravings. A food diary is a good option here.

Lose weight without hunger? Go to sleep!

Now some are probably wondering how weight loss without exercise is possible? The effects of adequate sleep are far-reaching. Those who have gotten sufficient sleep are more psychologically balanced and thus can concentrate more on adhering to their nutrition plans. Stress also harms your willpower: you have more food cravings feel the need to “treat” yourself more often. Highly stressed people are more likely to grab unhealthy foods that they later regret. It is indeed true that “chocolate makes you happy”— but only for a short time. To lose weight without hunger, we want to avoid these kinds of cravings.

In addition to the fact that those who sleep longer also have less “awake time” in which to eat, your body also builds muscle when you are sleeping. So if you work out regularly, you will burn up calorie reserves while you sleep. Also, the satiety hormone leptin is released during sleep. Plus, it is impossible to feel hungry while sleeping. So sleep yourself slim!

Exercise changes the mind and body

Losing weight without hunger is supported by exercise in several ways. First of all, if you exercise more, you can eat more. If you want to build muscle, you will have to eat a lot. Although lower fat reserves suggest that less leptin is produced, exercise actually supports leptin transport.

The blood flow to the body and thus the transport of hormones is improved and the blood cells also react faster to hormones such as leptin or insulin. The whole body adapts to this constant change. Your hormones, which are responsible for satiety—will adapt to the lower—calorie intake very quickly and the body will get used to the level to be produced.

Losing weight without hunger is possible

We have to know our bodies to learn to regulate them. It is in our nature to believe things only when we can see and explain them. But neither the psyche nor our hormone levels are easy to observe. Thus, the logical and widespread assumption that you have to starve yourself to lose weight is the first and apparently easiest solution. However, this approach is neither sustainable nor healthy. Instead, it actually poses a threat to your body. Refraining from eating can lead to nutrient deficiencies and thus to fatigue, dizziness, and depression.

The healthy and sustainable way to achieve your goal weight is, therefore: Lose weight without hunger. It helps to control your daily routine as well as possible. If you get enough sleep, other healthy habits begin to emerge. If you get enough exercise, your body changes and with it your hormonal balance and psyche. A good first step would be to check the calorie count you should eat every day. Use the calorie calculator to learn how many calories you need per day and to determine your body mass index with our BMI calculator. Then pay attention to eating a healthy balanced diet and you can lose weight without a yo-yo effect. Would you like to make weight loss delicious and easy—without food cravings? Then a nutrition plan will be of great help. Tailor-made recipes, practical shopping lists, and helpful tips and tricks await you. Create your Upfit nutrition plan for weight loss now.

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