Clean Eating

Clean eating and healthy nutrition – for more efficiency and vitality in everyday life. Find out everything you need to know about healthy eating and the clean eating lifestyle – without processed foods, flavor enhancers, or additives.

Clean Eating

This is how clean eating works

Clean eating is trending right now – no question! But what exactly is the logic behind clean eating? And is a diet consisting of only whole, minimally processed foods truly healthier than the ‘average’ diet? Clean eating is not a diet: it is a holistic nutritional philosophy. It is a matter of reconsidering the authenticity and origin of food in your everyday nutritional choices.

Clean eating means not only avoiding processed foods and products with artificial additives but also eating as many fresh and simple foods as possible. Whole, natural foods that do not contain any additives and are not heavily processed have a higher nutritional value than conventional foods – and thus are better suited for to your body, needs, and health goals.

Basics of clean eating nutrition

Pre-packaged meals and industrially processed foods of all kinds have no place in a clean food diet because ‘clean’ implies that the food must not contain additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, flavor enhancers or other chemical substances from the food industry.

The clean food motto is therefore: cook it yourself with whole, natural foods instead of buying it in a package. Clean cooking is mainly done with fresh and regional seasonal ingredients. That sounds complicated and like a lot of work? It does not have to be. Try out cooking a few simple clean meals and you may find it is easier (and more delicious) than you think. It is possible to buy pre-packaged products and also to avoid all artificial additives, however, you must be sure to take a closer look at the ingredient list. If this list contains a large number of chemicals or ingredients you have never heard of before, the corresponding product is probably not suitable to include in your clean eating diet.

What is clean food?

Clean food is food that is not genetically engineered, is natural (preferably organic), and does not contain any additives. The major difference between a healthy diet and a clean diet is that on a clean diet you must pay closer attention to where your food comes from, and not eat anything that is genetically modified, contains pesticides, or was factory farmed.

To ensure this, it makes sense to cook meals for yourself rather than to purchase pre-packaged products – to have a good idea of all the ingredients you are eating. Good and simple examples here are pickled vegetables, dressings, sauces, soups – but also baby food. Clean eating is about getting healthy and can be quite fun to plan – it works best if you know your reasons for changing to a clean eating diet – such as more health and vitality, lower carbon footprint, a more holistic lifestyle – and keep these in mind as much as possible. Your body itself will soon show you how glad it is you decided to switch to eating clean food—because your health and wellbeing are in great part a reflection of your diet.

Clean eating recipes

We’ve all been there before: The food cravings come suddenly, our nerves are on edge our willpower is compromised. in such situations, it can be easy to reach for that guilty pleasure that you know you will regret afterward. Give your body the fuel it really needs and start eating in a way today that will make you healthy and happy in the long term.