Workout and fitness plans for all your fitness goals including weight loss, muscle building, and muscle definition. Strength building in the gym, with cardio, or at-home bodyweight workouts.


How to work out properly

You should always drink water before, during and after your workout. Physical activity boosts your metabolism and causes you to lose fluid in the form of sweat. The resulting lack of water can lead to dehydration, poor concentration, and exhaustion. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day if possible, and even more if you working out.

For an injury-free workout, you must warm up properly beforehand. Skipping your warmup is not only a danger to your muscles and ligaments, but it also affects your performance and the quality of your workout. With fixed warm-up routines and stretching exercises, you will do your body a lot of good.

You can only get the full potential out of your workout if you carry out the exercises correctly. Improperly performed exercises slow down your progress and can lead to joint problems or strains in the long term. Work out in a controlled manner, keep the breaks between exercises as short as possible and always pay attention to your posture. Tip: work out in front of a mirror to better control your execution.

Workout basics

Without a nutrition plan to support building muscle mass, even the best training cannot give you any gains.Performing the exercises in your workout with lighter weights correctly will always bring you more success than performing the exercises with heavier weights badly. Always be sure to perform the key elements and pace of an exercise correctly. If this is not possible, you are probably using too much weight.

Document every workout and the weights you used. You should be able to see a little progress (e.g. you’re able to use more weight, do more repetitions) in your workout every week, otherwise, your body will not make much progress. If you cannot make any progress, then check if points 1 – 5 in this list apply to you, as these factors could be sabotaging your progress.

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These are the most common mistakes with workouts

Short workouts don’t help? Not true! Even short workouts (20 min) can boost your metabolism immensely—and with the right intensity, they can be even more effective than long workouts. The prerequisite here is that you go to your limits, keep your pulse high, and take only short breaks between exercises.

Nutrition and workout are an unbeatable team in the fight against the extra pounds and the dreaded yo-yo effect. Eating healthily after exercise is essential and in no way stops fat burning. On the contrary, your body needs both carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores (regeneration) and the amino acids contained in the protein to build muscle.

You can certainly strengthen your stomach with pure abdominal exercises, but this does not automatically remove your abdominal fat, which is located above your abdominal muscles. To make the muscles on your abdomen visible, you must reduce your total body fat percentage. Due to hormones, men tend to store more fat on their bellies and women on their hips and buttocks.

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Training with weights in the gym

Building muscle is a project that takes time. Without patience and persistence, you will not achieve anything in this area. Train regularly and push yourself as close to your limits as a proper exercise execution allows.

Breaks between exercises in your workout and rest days should be adhered to as an integral part of your fitness program. rest days are crucial to enhance your muscle growth and to avoid overtraining.

Going to bed late, not getting enough good sleep, drinking or partying regularly, working all day without taking —these are all behaviors that severely hamper your progress.

Workout Tips

The fun factor is key to maintaining motivation during your workouts. The right music, for example, can positively influence your workout. A study by McMaster University in Canada showed that amateur athletes performed much better in stress testing with music. Get in the mood and reach your full potential.

Small changes in your everyday workout can work wonders. Why not train outside? Armed with a fitness mat you can turn any park into your personal fitness studio. And pick up some fresh air and vitamin D along the way.

With a workout partner, you can not only increase the fun while working out but also increase your motivation. A workout partner can give you a helping hand with exercises and help spur you to the next level.
Tip: Agreed upon workout dates with friends keep you accountable, help you put your goals into action, and allow you to share your successes.